How Are Your Money Management Skills?

Your Money Management SkillsI hope you and I score far better than our government!

It’s common knowledge that the United States of America has an amazing amount of national debt – no surprise there. But do you realize just how much debt we as a nation have? Check out the website for one of the many debt clocks –  National Debt Clocks .

Frightened yet? I am! The dollar amounts listed on this page are staggering. Truth be told, I don’t even know how to count to these levels!

Will we ever be able to correct this situation? Will we ever be able to catch up with the overwhelming amounts of interest payments alone? Or will we simply leave this nightmare for our children and grand children?

The United States government, our government, has some serious problems with managing money, debt and credit! Could there be a correlation between the countless numbers of American citizens with credit problems and our government?

Obviously, both camps are overspending: too much money going out and not enough money coming in. When you think about it, it’s really a rather simple calculation!

Live within your means. Spend less than you earn, or, figure out how to increase your income so that you can spend all that you like. Either route will work – it’s entirely up to you!


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