Dear Older Wiser Woman…


Do you want to make more money? Do you need to make more money?

Or do you want to do both, make money and lots more of it?


Are you ready for retirement and all the financial requirements the “Golden Years” are certain to bring:

  • Rising medical costs

  • Ever increasing cost of living

  • Money to help or support your children

  • Money to help support aging parents (if you have the good fortune to still have your parents)

  • … and the list goes on

Unfortunately many older women are not adequately prepared to meet the financial needs of retirement.

Actually many find that they are not ready at all! At the same time they realize that they are running out of time.

So many older women are looking to starting a business either to make up for a financial shortfall or to get more autonomy over their lives.

What about you?

Are you walking in those shoes?


If you answered yes, then the time is now to take matters in your hands, make a change and create a different outcome for yourself.


 So that’s why you finally make up your mind to get started with you own business. You had been thinking about it for a long time, but the time just never seemed right.

And let’s face it, if you wait for the right time, it will NEVER happen; you would never start that business.

So the time is right and it’s right now.


But now you find yourself baffled by all the decisions that have to be made:

  • Offline business or online business

  • Consulting or coaching

  • Corporate sales or MLM

  • Website or no website

  • Business office or home office

  • Employee or no employee

  • …OMG, this list is endless!


But you know you need to do something and you need to do it soon…because you are running out of time!


This is where I can help. Let me help you get started with your business. Let me help you Jumpstart your Business.


Sometimes all you need is a little help and you can take it from there. Other times you need more than just a little help and that’s ok.



Here Is How My Jumpstart Coaching Will Help You…


  1. Discover your real goals: personal and business

  2. Decide on an actionable course to get your business off the ground

  3. Develop a plan right for you and eliminate roadblocks

  4. And finally get started with your business


My Jumpstart Coaching program is delivered over four – 30 minute phone sessions, over a total of 4 weeks. After each weekly coaching session you’ll be given assignments based on the challenges emerging during the course of each call. 

Your investment to get started with the Jumpstart Coaching program and get your business off the ground is a onetime fee of $195.00. You can click the “add to cart button” below to place your order now.

After your investment in the Jumpstart Coaching program you will receive a document listing all details of the program outlined here. At the same time you will receive a second document I ask you to fill out so  I can adequately be prepared to assist you as much as I can.

Please note you must complete the documents and return them to me prior to us starting the first coaching call.


Now the only remaining question is: “Are You Ready To Get Started“?


Decide what you want to achieve and please, don’t let your years hold you back!


 OlderWiserWomen® is here to help you get started today.


Click the “Add to Cart Button” now!


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PS: If you have further questions about the Jumpstart Coaching program, send me your questions at Johanna


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