Happy Halloween!

Once again, the end of October is here. In a few more days young witches, ghosts and goblins will fill the evening streets to go from door to door asking for treats. Many of the older, more mature Halloween crowd will celebrate the evening attending or hosting a party.

Halloween is celebrated in many countries around the globe, not only in the United States.

But perhaps we, in the US, really know how to celebrate the occasion.

According to the National Retail Federation:

  • 158 million of us will participate in some form of Halloween celebration.
  • Consumers are expected to spend $6.9 Billion (yes, that’s B as in billion!) on Halloween this year.
  •  Halloween spending is up by almost $30 per consumer from just 2005.
  •  70% of Americans plan to purchased Halloween decorations.
  •  Consumers will spend on average $28 per on costumes.

To get more details and see for yourself what Americans are doing when it comes to Halloween go to: National Retail Federation Retails’s Big Blog

So how will you celebrate? Party or not, enjoy your Halloween!


Happy Halloween From All Of Us!



 Esmeralda & OlderWiserWomen®



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